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Medical Negligence

When seeking out a medical professional, it is expected that they will provide you with a high level of care, treatment and skill. If you have suffered significant injury, loss or damage as a result of a medical professional failing to take adequate care, then you may be entitled to compensation for this trauma.


Medical negligence or malpractice is when your doctor, hospital, pharmacist, dentist or health care worker fails to provide you with the level of treatment that is deemed reasonable by other industry professionals. Even an unforeseen complication with an existing illness could have been caused by medical negligence.


Whilst making a claim for medical negligence is an extremely complex process, the qualified team of expert solicitors at Bradford Legal have significant experience with these matters and can guide you through this overwhelming journey with ease.


Bradford Legal passionately believes that when you place your trust in a medical professional, you should receive the best care that they can provide, and nothing less! Our dynamic and outcome-driven solicitors will fight aggressively for your rights and entitlements in this situation, achieving the best results for your claim.


If you have suffered harm from medical negligence or malpractice, contact Bradford Legal lawyers for the best advice and assistance.

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