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Motor Vehicle Injury Claims


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to negligent driving then you are entitled to compensation.


Our assertive and dynamic solicitors will fight on your behalf for the compensation that you deserve resulting from your personal injury or loss.

This involves first notifying of intention to claim and then making a claim against the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA). The claim could be resolved by settlement or will progress to a trial.


Trials are seldom needed to resolve a motor vehicle accident claim however we are ready, willing and able to go to court to ensure that you get the results you deserve.

No matter the pathway, the outcome-driven team at Bradford Legal will fight for your rights and entitlements through to the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.

What damages can I claim?
You can claim for a number of different types of damages including past and future lost earnings, pain and suffering, medical expenses and home assistance.
Can I claim for damages if the accident was partly my fault?
If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another person you may have a valid claim, even if the accident was partly your own fault.
Who Can Claim Compensation for Injuries?
Anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident may claim for damages. This can be as a driver, rider or passenger in a motor vehicle, as a pedestrian or cyclist.
When should I lodge a claim with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia?
As soon as possible.
Are there time limits?
There are strict time limits and you should seek further advice from Bradford Legal.
Do I have to go to Court to get a settlement?
In practice, the vast majority of our claims are settled without having to go to Court. We have a strong record of pre-trial settlements.
How long will it take and how much does it cost?
We will guide you through the process as quickly as possible. We will seek expert medical advice from your doctors to ensure that your claim is settled at the right time. Most of the legal fees are paid by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. We will answer all your questions about legal costs at the first consultation.
Is the first consultation free?
The first consultation is free. We are happy to spend as much time as needed to examine your case and provide you with advice. There is no obligation if you do not proceed.
Can I claim damages arising out of the death of a family member?
You may be able to claim on the basis that you are financially dependent on a family member. We will discuss this process with you and answer all of your questions.
When I suffered a bad fall a few years ago I was confused and overwhelmed about what to do to claim compensation to cover my injuries. Bradford Legal came to my rescue and helped me with patience and dedication to work through the process and receive a fair deal..I am extremely satisfied with the service and highly recommend them to anyone in need of help and reassurance.


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Our down to earth, outcome-driven team will fight passionately for the compensation you deserve.

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