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Personal injury law experts Bradford Legal offer a range of legal services across Perth, Western Australia. Contact us today for an obligation free assessment for all new personal injury enquiries.

If you’ve been injured in the workplace and looking to claim compensation, the team of workplace injury lawyers in Perth, Western Australia at Bradford Legal guarantee to offer you a personalised, one-on-one service with qualified personal injury lawyers Perth, who will remain with you throughout the legal proceedings of your claim journey to provide advice, assistance and results.

Most of our legal fees will be paid by the insurance company once you successfully receive an award, settlement amount or compensation payments from your accidents claim.

Injury Compensation lawyers Perth

Our team of injury lawyers & worker compensation lawyers based in Perth WA will determine if you are eligible to claim compensation and support you throughout the workplace injury claim process no matter what the outcome. As dedicated compensation lawyers, we work to make sure our clients receive the compensation they may be entitled for from their claim. Don’t the fear of let an expensive legal fee prevent you from getting in touch.

The expert team of personal injury lawyers at Bradford Legal work with you through every step of the injury compensation claim process, ensuring our clients receive the right legal advice & assistance. We’ll help you understand your rights as we fight to get you the best possible financial outcome from your workers compensation or personal injury compensation claim.

Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Have you suffered personal injuries, suffered a work related injury or been injured in the workplace? You may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

Speak to the expert Perth legal team of dedicated personal injury lawyers, public liability claim lawyers & workers compensation lawyers at Bradford Legal to see how we can assist with your workplace compensation claim. Get the compensation payout you deserve from your personal injury law claim.

How Bradford Legal’s Compensation Lawyers in Perth Can Help You

Have you been injured in the workplace?

Our dedicated team of workers compensation, workplace injury lawyers & expert personal injury lawyers specialise in delivering results and expert legal advice in a number of legal service areas including; Workers Compensation Claims, Workplace Injury Claims, Work-related Injuries, WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Whiplash Injury Claims, Car Accident Injury claims, Public Liability Claims, Criminal Injuries Compensation, injury claims arising from physical or psychological injuries, total and permanent disability claims and claims arising from Medical Negligence or Medical Malpractice.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyer in Perth

Our senior lawyers have experience in working across many claim areas which means we have the capabilities to offer legal assistance at every step of our injured clients compensation claim.

We are confident in our claims process and are dedicated to achieving the result our clients deserve from their workplace injury claim with our expert legal advice in Perth, Western Australia. Contact our experienced accidents compensation lawyer team to find out more about claiming compensation and to discuss your legal matters.

At Bradford Legal, our expert team of workers compensation lawyers specialise in a wide range of claims & legal services, including:

  • TPD Claims
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    Bradford Legal are Award-Winning Personal Injury Lawyers in Perth

    As experienced personal injury lawyers in Perth, Bradford Legal are proudly leading the way in the personal injury compensation & workers compensation fields in Perth, Western Australia, ranking top in Doyle’s Guide 2022 WA Plaintiff Personal Injury & Compensation Law Rankings.

    • Leading Work Injury Compensation Law Firm
    • Leading Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Law Firm
    • Leading Public Liability Compensation Law Firm
    • Leading Medical Negligence Compensation Law Firm

    As highly ranked personal injury lawyers and workers compensation lawyers based in Perth WA, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the compensation they deserve when they have been injured and want to make a claim. As experienced workers compensation lawyers in Perth, we’ll provide you with expert advice regarding your compensation claim and general personal injury law.

    You won’t need to worry about expensive legal fees & legal costs with our generous fee policy, meaning you can focus on recovering from any personal injuries you have suffered. Contact us to find out more information about how to seek compensation with an obligation free consultation.

    Trust Bradford Legal to manage your workers’ compensation claim and to achieve the compensation and result you deserve.


    Do you require a personal injury lawyer, medical negligence lawyer, workplace injury lawyer or a work compensation lawyer in Perth and want to achieve maximum compensation payouts from your claim?

    The compensation lawyers at Bradford Legal are dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve from your workplace injury or personal injury claim, offering professional advice and assistance throughout the compensation claim process.

    Our expert team of injury compensation lawyers in Perth specialise in a range of legal services such as personal injury compensation, work injury claims, criminal injuries compensation, car accident compensation claims, criminal law and workers compensation claims.

    Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers Perth, Western Australia

    For more information about how our personal injury lawyers Perth can help with your workers compensation, injury at work claim or personal injury claim, contact us via phone or send a message and speak to our team of experienced compensation lawyers.

    Get the help you need with your injuries, medical expenses, experienced legal representation and the result you deserve from your compensation claim with the team of Perth based compensation lawyers at Bradford Legal.


    If you have visited the websites of other personal injury law firms in Perth or seen their television advertisements you will see that a number of other law firms offer a no win no fee service. You will also notice that the no win no fee term is usually accompanied by an asterisk (*) meaning there are likely to be some significant terms and conditions associated with such an offer.

    At Bradford Legal we do not specifically advertise a no win no fee service. This is because we believe that the majority of cases involving workers compensation personal injury claims and/or motor vehicle accident personal injury claims will result in a settlement outcome for the injured person.

    In our view this should not be considered a win as although these outcomes are not necessarily guaranteed in most instances an injured person will be able to obtain a lump sum settlement outcome.

    At Bradford Legal our personal injury lawyers Perth are highly experienced and successful in maximising lump sum payment outcomes for our clients.

    We are always prepared to offer a reasonable fee arrangement to assist people who have been injured to achieve the best outcome possible from their compensation claim.

    In many instances this will include an agreement not to seek payment of fees in the event that we are unable to achieve a settlement outcome for injuries received. Our experienced lawyers will work with you to determine this arrangement on case by case basis.

    Perth Personal Injury Lawyers

    Contact the experienced team of workers compensation, work injury claims, motor vehicle accident claim, personal injury and criminal lawyers at Bradford Legal and benefit from our years of legal expertise.