Are Your Workers Driving? Here is How to be Safe!

An injured worker can cost you money. While workers’ compensation can cover most of the damages, an employer can be found responsible, especially if the employee was driving an unsafe vehicle or was not provided adequate training to do their job. In addition, you can be found responsible if your employee injures someone else.

Both the employer and employee have basic responsibilities in regards to providing a safe driving environment.

Avoid Lawsuits Due to Injured Worker

Employer Responsibilities

Employers are required to identify and assess Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues associated with their drivers and then institute a system that will monitor and control them. First, the fleet of work vehicles must be safe and roadworthy. Drivers must have the proper documentation and licensing.

Drivers must be provided information on road safety; this should be documented for your protection. Drivers should be scheduled in a manner that doesn’t cause fatigue or encourage speeding. The employer should provide a work driving safety program and monitor the drivers to ensure they are following it.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees are responsible for the basics of safety from their end. They must have a valid driver’s licence. They must always obey all road safety laws and rules. This includes obeying the speed limit at all times, never driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, wearing a seatbelt and not talking or texting on a mobile phone while driving.

Develop Strict Policies

The employer should develop strict company policies covering such areas as fatigue management, area-specific driving, emergency protocols and regular monitoring of drivers and vehicles for compliance.

Call Bradford Legal

It can be a lot less costly to call a qualified lawyer now to develop a safety program than it would be to call us when you are facing a claim for millions of dollars. At Bradford Legal, we can help ensure that your liability in the case of an accident is minimal.

Call one of our compensation lawyers in Perth, WA today: 1300 738 303.

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