Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident and looking to claim compensation? Bradford Legal are leading motor accident lawyers in Perth, Western Australia. We provide expert legal advice throughout your car accident injury claim whilst limiting any stress, inconvenience, pain and suffering you experience after your accident.

Require an injury lawyer for car accident injuries and motor vehicle accident claims in Perth, Western Australia? Contact the expert car accident injury Perth lawyers at Bradford Legal to help you get the compensation you may be entitled to.

Car Accident Injury Compensation

Being involved in a car accident is emotionally and physically traumatic for the driver and passengers involved. There are many things to think about after being injured in a motor accident, including obtaining medical treatment for injuries sustained, notifying various organisations, loss of earnings and taking note of damage to vehicles and/or property.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are all too common in Perth with many accidents caused by a third party, drivers being on the phone or being tired. By teaming up with a qualified accident lawyer who are experienced in the common types of motor vehicle accidents and the common types of motor vehicle accident injury compensation claims, you can recover without worry. Bradford Legal lawyers can help to ensure you receive any personal injury compensation you deserve, whilst limiting any stress and inconvenience after your road accident.

An important step in your claim for compensation is correctly identifying who is to blame and you should seek legal advice for this. Bradford Legal are trusted Perth motor accident lawyers and can manage and advise on the legal proceedings when you make a claim, letting you focus on your recovery ensuring minimal pain and suffering, stress and inconvenience. Our experienced team of motor vehicle accident lawyers ensure all our clients follow the car accident injury claim procedure in Perth, Western Australia.

Car Accident Injury Claims in Perth

Bradford Legal’s Perth based team of experienced and dedicated motor vehicle injury lawyers will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve as a result of your personal injury, suffered as a result of the car accident or loss. We are experienced motor accident lawyers in Perth and are passionate about achieving the best result for you, helping you to keep legal costs and legal fees throughout the process as low as possible. We provide legal advice at every step so you can understand more about motor vehicle accident compensation and your claim as a result of car accidents.

The process we go through first involves notifying your intention to claim and then making a claim against the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA). The motor vehicle accident compensation claim is usually resolved by settlement negotiations or may progress to a trial to complete. Trials rarely occur and our focus is to resolve your motor vehicle accident claims outside of court, which minimises legal fees. However, we are ready and willing to go to court and represent you and your claim to get the compensation you deserve to aid your recovery and ensure just and fair compensation from your car accident.

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident in Perth, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact the award-winning Perth based Bradford Legal accident compensation claims team today to start your motor vehicle accident injury claim. Get the legal advice and road accident compensation you deserve.

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents can range from whiplash to spinal cord injuries and/or brain injuries that can cause serious long term damage, including paralysis, memory loss and cognitive deficits.

Not all injuries are physical and therefore motor accident claims can be made for mental suffering as a result of an accident too, particularly if being injured has impacted your ability to work, resulted in loss of earnings or inability to go about your everyday life as per your normal routine. All our client’s injuries and motor accident claims are treated with the utmost confidentiality at Bradford Legal.

Car Injury Claim FAQs

How do I claim Compensation for a Motor Vehicle Accident in Perth, WA?

The first step to claiming motor accident compensation is getting in touch with an expert motor vehicle accident lawyer at Bradford Legal located in Perth. Our dedicated and experienced car accident lawyers will then work with you on the details to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Our car accident injury lawyers strive to limit your loss and inconvenience suffering as a result of motor vehicle accidents and the added stress/trauma of legal action by offering you legal advice & help of the highest quality in Perth.

How can Bradford Legal help my Motor Vehicle Accident Claim?

The dedicated Perth based motor vehicle accident personal injury lawyers at Bradford Legal can help you from the first step when you make a claim to reduce suffering and to achieve the injury compensation you deserve. Our car accident lawyers will use your initial consultation to understand your compensation claim in detail, explain legal fees, legal costs and offer legal advice and help whenever you require it. We have great confidence and experience in getting you the injury compensation and result you deserve from your motor vehicle accident compensation claims.

What to expect from my Motor Vehicle Accident Claim?

The process first involves notifying of your intention to claim and then making a claim against the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA). The Insurance Commission will determine their view regarding liability for your claim and Bradford Legal will promote your claim for liability with the Insurance Commission. If liability is determined in your favour, the Insurance Commission of Western Australia will usually make payment of your reasonable medical expenses and Bradford Legal will be by your side at all times to assist you in ensuring timely payment of medical expenses and other losses. Once you have recovered or your injuries have stabilised Bradford Legal will advise you as to a reasonable lump sum compensation outcomes and deal with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia to get those outcomes for you. In some instances, a court action may be required in order to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation. Most court cases do not proceed all the way to a trial and most are resolved at a pre-trial conference, prior to any trial taking place. Trials are very rare as we work to settle your car injury claims outside of court. However, when necessary, the Perth based Bradford Legal car accident lawyers are willing to represent you in court for you to obtain the injury compensation you deserve as a result of being injured in a motor vehicle accident.

From your initial consultation you can expect to be guided through each step in your personal injury claims process by the expert Perth motor accident lawyers at Bradford Legal so you understand exactly what to expect during your legal proceedings. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve from your motor vehicle accident claim.

No Win No Fee Motor Accident Lawyers

If you have visited the websites of other personal injury law firms or seen their television advertisements you will see that a number of law firms work on a no win no fee basis. You will also notice that the no win no fee term is usually accompanied by an asterisk (*) meaning there are likely to be some significant terms and conditions associated with such an offer.

At Bradford Legal we do not specifically advertise a no win no fee service. This is because our law firm believe that the majority of cases involving workers compensation personal injury claims, work related injuries and/or motor vehicle accident personal injury claims will result in a settlement outcome for the injured person.

In our view this should not be considered a win as although these outcomes are not necessarily guaranteed in most instances an injured person will be able to obtain a lump sum settlement outcome.

At Bradford Legal we are highly experienced and successful in maximising settlement outcomes for our injured clients.

We are always prepared to offer a reasonable fee arrangement to assist people to achieve the best outcome possible from their compensation claim and to get the maximum compensation possible.

In many instances this will include an agreement not to seek payment of fees in the event that we are unable to achieve a settlement outcome for you from your vehicle accident claims. We work with you to determine this arrangement on case by case basis.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Perth

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