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Role Of Barristers

Do I need a Barrister?

  |   Injury Claims, Injury Lawyers Perth

Role Of BarristersWe are often asked by our client if a barrister will be needed to assist with their case.

Barristers have a number of roles. Primarily, they appear in court and are required to ask questions and address the judge. They specialise in courtroom procedures and cross-examination techniques.

Barristers can also assist by providing an independent opinion or attend a pretrial conference.

Barristers charge additional and separate fees.

There are a number of cases where a barrister will be needed and this will always be discussed with a client.

There may be some complexities with a claim which requires assistance by a barrister.

If your case proceeds to trial before a judge, we would always brief a barrister to attend court on your behalf.

Please feel free to contact BRADFORD LEGAL for specific advice on these issues.