Surveillance – Are You Being Watched?

The topic of surveillance is on everyone’s lips. Revelations from so-called “whistleblower” Edward Snowden and also WikiLeaks have shown that ordinary citizens are being subject to mass surveillance, spying and eavesdropping.

Clients of Bradford Legal often ask us if they will be followed or watched.

Surveillance - Are You Being Watched

In general surveillance, which often involves a private investigator following a person around with a camera, is legal. Surveillance operatives cannot be intrusive, trespass or harass injured people.

We issue a warning to all of our clients about social media.

Insurance companies, as a matter of routine, engage private companies to examine social media accounts. Many clients believe that social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, is private.

The reality is that it is very easy to monitor social media.

We have often been sent pages of people’s Facebook accounts, complete with photographs. Insurers can use this information to defend a claim.

Under the guise of fighting terrorists, governments across the world are engaging in routine monitoring of emails, text messages and phonecalls.

The answer to the question “is Big Brother watching you”, the answer is a resounding yes.

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