Pedestrian Accident Claims

Pedestrians can suffer injuries in a variety of ways. Sometimes a pedestrian is hit by a car or motor vehicle. Alternatively, some pedestrians have falls as a result of the state of pathways. We will analyse your particular circumstances and advise you in relation to the pedestrian injury compensation claims process.

If you are a pedestrian who suffered an injury because you have been struck by a motor vehicle or have suffered an injury due to some other reason and are pursuing a claim, Bradford Legal are able to provide you with expert legal advice in relation to all aspects of your claim and ensure that you maximize your compensation outcome.

Examples of Pedestrian Accidents

There are a number of ways that a pedestrian may be injured. These can include:

  1. being struck by a motor vehicle whilst crossing a road, involved in a hit and run accident, walking on a footpath, walking along a road or walking in a car park;
  2. by slipping or tripping on an unsafe ground surface whilst walking; and
  3. being struck by a cyclist or other road or footpath user whilst walking.

Determining Who Is At Fault?

The determination of fault in relation to any personal injury claim is a matter requiring significant expertise by experienced compensation lawyers such as those at Bradford Legal.

This necessarily includes determining whether a duty of care is owed to the pedestrian, by whom that duty of care is owed, the nature and scope of the duty of care and whether that duty of care has been breached. Strict time limits also apply to a claim of this nature.

Specialising in compensation law, the experienced solicitors at Bradford Legal have for many years been providing advice in relation to these complex issues. We strive to obtain maximum compensation for all our pedestrian injury claims and car accident claims.

What Can I Claim?

In any common law injury claim where liability for negligence is established against another party, an injured person is entitled to common law damages (compensation) in respect of the personal injuries suffered and the financial expenses, medical expenses and losses associated with those injuries.

These can include:

  • general damages for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of amenities of life;
  • past and future economic loss and losses of income;
  • past and future associated losses such as superannuation contributions;
  • expenses incurred such as past and future medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and travel expenses;
  • in some instances where there is a need for assistance even if provided free of charge, damages may be claimable;
  • in cases of more serious pedestrian injuries (catastrophic injuries) where nursing care or more extensive medical treatment may be required, the costs associated with such care including case management costs.

What Should I Do After An Accident?

If you intend on making a pedestrian or motor vehicle accident claim, it’s in your best interest to obtain the following:

  • photographs of the scene where the accident occurred, including any dangerous areas which may have contributed to the accident;
  • the names and contact details of any witnesses to the car accident.
  • A list of injuries sustained – broken bones, head injuries, psychological injuries, back injuries etc
  • Medical Reports


If you have visited the websites of other personal injury & pedestrian accident law firms or seen their television advertisements you will see that a number of law firms offer a no win no fee service. You will also notice that the term is usually accompanied by an asterisk (*) meaning there are likely to be some significant terms and conditions associated with such an offer.

At Bradford Legal we do not specifically advertise a no win no fee service. This is because we believe that the majority of cases involving pedestrian accidents, workers compensation personal injury claims and/or motor vehicle compensation claims will result in a settlement outcome for the injured person.

In our view this should not be considered a win as although these outcomes are not necessarily guaranteed in most instances an injured person will be able to obtain a lump sum settlement outcome.

At Bradford Legal we are highly experienced and successful in maximising lump sum payments for our clients following their claim.

We are always prepared to offer a reasonable fee arrangement to assist people to achieve the best outcome possible from their compensation claim.

In many instances this will include an agreement not to seek payment of legal costs in the event that we are unable to achieve a settlement outcome for injuries received. Our experienced lawyers will work with you to determine this arrangement on case by case basis.

Motor Vehicle Accident & Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers

Our assertive and dynamic team of personal injury law, motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian accident injury compensation lawyers will fight on your behalf for the compensation & personal injury benefits that you deserve. No matter the pathway, our outcome-driven team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and entitlements through to the end and will determine if you are entitled to claim for compensation.

To find out the benefits of choosing Bradford Legal personal injury lawyers to help with your pedestrian accident claim or motor vehicle accident claims, please complete our enquiry form online. Your first consultation to determine if you can claim compensation for your pedestrian injuries is free and no-obligation.

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