FAQ – Who Are WorkCover WA?

WorkCover WA is the government agency responsible for overseeing and regulating the workers’ compensation and injury management scheme in WA. Their list of roles is comprehensive, but ultimately their aim is to lead a contemporary, sustainable and integrated workers’ compensation scheme that is fair, accessible and cost effective for all participants by providing:

  • advice and guidance on workers’ injury management and return to work practices
  • active, responsive and transparent management of the scheme
  • focused information, education and compliance activities
  • fair and speedy dispute resolution, and
  • a strong service focus.

At Bradford Legal, our expertise in dealing with WorkCover WA is essential to assisting you navigate all that is required to make a successful workers’ compensation claim, and we are here to fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

Our Perth team are highly experienced in resolving workers compensation matters. We can guide you in the process of lodging a WorkCover WA claim to have the matter resolved and fair compensation awarded.

WorkCover WA offer an arbitration service and a conciliation service, and you have a right to representation in both scenarios so you can engage our skilled team to fight for the best possible outcome for your claim.

Workers compensation claims can be complicated, overwhelming and daunting, especially if you have never claimed compensation before, are concerned about WorkCover WA, or worried about receiving fair treatment from your employer when you return to work and having your workers compensation claim accepted.

The Bradford Legal team is here to provide legal advice, information, support and guidance throughout your workers compensation claim process in order to see you achieve the compensation you deserve. For more information and to see if we can help you, contact our friendly team today.

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