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Spinal cord injury can occur in several ways, including whiplash as a result of a motor vehicle accident, medical negligence or a fall at work. Spinal cord injury should be taken very seriously as it can cause permanent disability, including paralysis and sometimes even brain complications.

Due to the severity of these injuries, expert legal advice should be sought. The majority of medical professionals may agree that spinal cord injuries are very severe. As personal injury lawyers, our highly dedicated team at Bradford Legal will fight for the compensation you deserve. When it comes to back injury claims we have a highly skilled team ready to support you quickly and efficiently.

Spinal cord injury can result in a loss of earnings, costly medical bills and long term injuries that can be deliberating. With such a major impact on your quality of life, the Bradford Legal team treat spinal injury claims with the utmost integrity and privacy.

We know that seeking legal advice can be extremely stressful and tiring especially in circumstances after a car accident or fall and believe in helping you as much as possible, no matter the severity of your injuries. Therefore, with our personalised, one-on-one service we offer ongoing advice and support throughout your claim to ensure you get the result you deserve while gaining a thorough understanding of the claims process from start to finish. Should you have any questions at any stage of your claim, our team will be more than happy to help you.

How much compensation will I get for my back injury?

Our detailed approach means that shortly after submitting your claim an experienced member of the Bradford Legal team will contact you to discuss your case at length to gain a detailed understanding of your pain and suffering, making sure that every detail is captured and considered. This allows us to devise an approach to help you in the most efficient way possible, achieving what you deserve. We take into account your medical bills and injuries sustained whether they be temporary or permanent.

We work quickly to ensure your stressful situation is minimised as much as possible, giving you peace of mind knowing you will get what you deserve. When considering an approach, we also take into account the rehabilitation required from your injuries to allow you to continue with and regain your quality of life. Your needs are at the heart of every decision we make and with that in mind, we ensure that you are updated every step of the way. We ensure that the best possible result is achieved on your behalf and are confident in our professional team in achieving this.

At Bradford Legal, we operate with a ‘no win no fee’ policy so you can feel assured that if our team doesn’t deliver on your claim, you don’t pay a cent.

What is a moderate back injury

A moderate back injury relates to an injury sustained whereby some loss of function or strength occurs and can be as a result of, but is not limited to, tissue damage within the back and the surrounding area. The back is a very sensitive part of the body and is involved in even the simplest of everyday tasks and therefore even a mild or moderate back injury can cause stress and a great deal of pain and suffering at the time of the accident and in the future.

Moderate back injuries can be sustained as a result of a number of incidences, including; whiplash as a result of a motor vehicle accident, heavy lifting at work, bending awkwardly, slip in a public place and more. All these injuries can be suitable for a claim because they not only cause pain and suffering at the time of the accident but also in the future, which you are entitled to claim compensation for.

You may feel as if your injury isn’t severe enough to make a claim, but at Bradford Legal we believe that moderate injuries are just as important as severe injuries, even if they do not cause paralysis or brain injury. One of our professional team will be happy to discuss your injuries with you to understand the severity, whether it be as a result of whiplash or a fall at work. A medical examination will also help to determine your injuries in more detail from a medical professional and this can help the team when it comes to pursuing your claim.

How spinal injury compensation gets calculated

Pain and suffering relate to any number of injuries that occur as a result of an accident and includes not just physical injuries, but emotional pain caused by the trauma of the accident and the events after including trauma, grief and stress. It can also be referred to as ‘non-economic loss’ (NEL).

Pain and suffering can be calculated in a number of ways and is personal to each claim. Once you submit your claim to us, one of our professional team will gather all the detail from you and establish a number of factors from you including, but not limited to; lost earnings in the future, medical examination notes, medical bills and personal loss.

Medical evidence can help significantly when calculating pain and suffering as it can provide strong support for your claim, whilst evidence from witnesses can also be used to support and aid calculation of pain and suffering. However, if no medical examinations have taken place or were not required, don’t worry, one of our team will still take all your circumstances into consideration and take a thorough account of your situation.

Any damage to your future life will also be strongly considered when pain and suffering are calculated by one of our team, for example, wheelchair use and scarring.

Once all the details of your incident and spinal cord injury have been established by our team of personal injury lawyers, we will use either a ‘per day’ approach, which takes into account the pain and suffering experienced per day since the accident or a multiplier method. The multiplier method will total the amount you have incurred or lost, for example, medical bills and lost earnings, and multiply this by a number between 1-5 to calculate a reasonable amount based on your circumstances. A member of our team will ensure you are taken through each step of the process, so you understand the approach they have taken to determine your claim amount.

What happens if I hurt my back at work?

If you injure your back at work, you have the right to make a worker’s compensation claim to cover loss of earnings and medical bills. Back injuries at work can occur in a variety of ways, but the most common activities that results in injury are lifting or bending awkwardly when completing a task. It’s important that you report the injury quickly and seek appropriate medical help quickly to establish your injury in more detail. This ensures that the injury you have sustained is not worsened by continued strain due to work but also means your employer may seek a medical examination for you, reducing your worry and stress of medical bills. In some cases, not reporting the incident can allow employers to deny the incident took place on their premises or in their time, making your claim more difficult to support. In the past, this delay has also led to a negative impact on a claim in court.

You should also ensure any witnesses with you at the time the injury occurred are happy to provide witness statements, as they can be crucial in providing the necessary evidence. These should be signed and dated by the witnesses where possible.

Be sure to contact Bradford Legal immediately so one of our team can recommend the best course of action immediately, specifically in gathering the necessary information to help support you with your claim and get the compensation that you deserve.

Medical examination notes can be important in determining the severity of the spinal injury and therefore it’s important that this is sought quickly after the incident. It is also important that when speaking to a member of our team that you give as much detail as possible in order for your claim to be strongly supported. For example, key information such as what you were doing at the time and if you were lifting unnecessarily in the workplace and hence the injury could have been prevented.

Loss of earnings to date and in the future based on your medical examination will be strongly considered with back injuries at work as well as medical expenses and travel expenses where appropriate. It’s important to have all this information available when discussing your claim with one of our team.

Your spinal cord injury lawyers

Spinal cord injuries should be taken very seriously and can be considerably deliberating on a person’s life. Here at Bradford Legal, we take these claims extremely seriously and act upon any claims submitted as quickly as possible. Spinal cord injury can occur in a number of ways including motor accidents or a fall at work, however small the injury, we are here to support you through the process of getting what you deserve.

Compensation is determined by taking every detail into account including pain and suffering, which can be physical and emotional. Each claim is individual, and our team are here to understand your situation in as much detail as possible to ensure your claim is taken seriously by all parties involved. Pain and suffering is calculated by understanding what you have gone through since the accident and any future suffering that may occur as a result. This can include: emotional stress or worry, loss or grief, medical bills and loss of earnings now and in the future.

Two approaches will be considered; ‘per day’ pain and suffering where a day rate is calculated and a multiplier method whereby your total pain and suffering cost is multiplied to give a suitable claim amount based on your circumstances. When discussing your claim with you, our professional team will talk you through each step in as much detail as required so you understand in full the process they have undergone to get to the amount for your claim.

If you injure your back at work, we know that this can be extremely stressful with the added worry about the loss of earnings and making a claim against your employer, which many think will impact upon future career prospects. It is strongly advised that you contact us immediately and seek appropriate medical examination. If you are unsure about any details regarding workplace back injuries, one of our team will be happy to talk each detail through with you to ensure you take the right and necessary steps in getting what you deserve but also feel more comfortable in making a claim against your employer.

Your rehabilitation and reducing your pain and suffering are of the utmost importance to us and therefore we take an extremely professional approach with every claim that we receive. At Bradford Legal, we believe in getting you what you deserve taking all details into consideration no matter how big or small your claim is or how severe you think your spinal cord injury is.

To begin your spinal cord injury claim, contact the award-winning Bradford Legal team today and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your claim in more detail and give you peace of mind.

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