Claiming compensation for personal injuries suffered as a result of a car accident in Western Australia

Claiming compensation for personal injuries suffered as a result of a car accident in Western Australia

Unfortunately, in Western Australia motor vehicle accidents occur on a regular basis and our roads seem more crowded than ever!

There are thousands of motor vehicle accidents in Western Australia which cause injuries to victims.

How to make a claim in Western Australia

A claim for compensation arising from injuries in a motor vehicle accident is commenced by notifying the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (“ICWA”).  ICWA will then investigate the circumstances of the accident.  If the other driver was at fault, ICWA will accept liability and agree to pay lump sum damages for compensation.  Lump sum damages includes past and future medical expenses, general damages (pain and suffering), past and future loss of earnings and various other types of claims.

People who can make a claim include passengers, cyclists, riders and pedestrians.

Time Limit

A claim should be lodged as soon as possible after an accident.

Legal proceedings must be commenced within three years after you have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident.  In certain circumstances these time limits can be extended.

How can Bradford Legal assist

Bradford Legal has provided legal representation for people injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Western Australia for many years.

Technically, consulting personal injury lawyers in motor vehicle accident claims is not compulsory. But having a claims expert by your side when seeking compensation will surely come in handy and we strongly recommend getting in touch with a lawyer for your compensation claim.

A good lawyer will:

  • Provide expert legal advice and guide you in navigating all the tricky legal mazes, red tapes and pitfalls during the claims process
  • Protect your rights and ensure you get all the entitlements and compensation you deserve
  • Do all the heavy lifting (paperwork, meeting deadlines, follow-ups, etc.) so you can focus on recovery
  • Make a convincing argument for you against any opposition
  • Work to achieve the best compensation amount from your lump sum claim

Working with a lawyer on an accident claim can turn the whole case dynamic in your favour and could result in more compensation. A lawyer will save you considerable time, money, and energy while providing expert legal advice and protecting your legal rights no matter the individual circumstances, whether you’re dealing with just a minor accident or a full-blown lawsuit.

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