Changes to Motor Vehicle Damages Claims – Catastrophic Injuries.

The current government is weighing up a number of options to implement no fault insurance for people suffering catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

One option being considered is the payment of damages progressively. In practice, this means that instead of receiving a lump sum, the catastrophically injured person receives a payment of the damages over the course of their lifetime. Payments for care and other services are met as needed.

This system has advantages and disadvantages.

Changes to Motor Vehicle Damages Claims

In some cases, the outcome can mean an insurer making payments for decades with higher claim costs. For an injured person, it can mean that their needs will be met through the course of their lifetime.

The Government is considering implementing the new system as of 1 July 2015.

Changes to Workers’ Compensation Legislation.

The government is continuing to consider changes to workers’ compensation legislation. A draft of new measures is being considered to try and simplify the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Currently, if an insurer makes no decision about liability, no further time periods are set for a final decision. This can mean that a worker who has made a claim can be left waiting for weeks or months.

The new legislation will require a decision to be made within a strict and short period of time failing which the claim will have to be accepted and payments made.

A number of other options are being considered and further updates will be provided.

Sporting News

Solicitor, Chris Cooper, is currently in training for a solo attempt at the Avon Descent. This has been an ambition for Chris for a long period of time and he is training hard. Whilst the race will not be held until the end of Winter, Chris believes that he will need all of this year to adequately prepare.

We will update Chris’ progress as the race gets closer.

Our star distance runner, Alyson Bradley, is back in training. Alyson has a number of very quick times in fun runs and marathons to her credit and is hoping to run a sub 3 hour marathon this year. She is gradually getting back to full fitness after some injury issues.

Partner, Angus Castley, recently skippered a boat in support of a solo swimmer in the Rottnest Channel Swim. Angus reports that it was a windy and unsettled day on the ocean making it a long and difficult day for swimmers.

Two boats capsized during the swim.

Bradford Legal has competed as a team in the Rottnest Channel Swim in recent years.

In Cricket news, Chris Cooper’s and Angus Castley’s cricket teams are headed towards the finals. Both are eyeing off premierships this year. We wish them the best of luck.

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