Did Your Doctor Make You Worse Instead of Better?

The number of successful medical injury claims due to medical negligence is growing on a yearly basis. Even in an era of technological advances, medical errors occur more than ever. Here are some examples of medical negligence.

Medical Negligence During Surgery

Anaesthetic Errors

Before any surgery that requires anaesthesia, there should be a pre-operative assessment and evaluation. The heart, lungs and airway should all be diligently assessed. When other examinations or consultations are medically indicated, they must be performed. During surgery, the physicians and anaesthesiologists must closely monitor the patients blood pressure and the amount of fluids given to the patient, among many other factors.

Failure at any part of the chain can cause severe medical consequences, including death.

Foreign Bodies Left Behind

Occasionally, a surgical instrument will be inadvertently left inside a patient during surgery. More often than not, it is a sponge or a broken piece of an instrument or needle. Instruments should always be counted before and after the skin is closed. While most of these mistakes are caught and corrected before the anaesthetic wears off, many are not.

When a foreign body is left behind, it isn’t noticed until the patient suffers symptoms such as infection, fever, pain or other discomfort. Then it usually takes an x-ray to find the foreign object.

Nerve Injuries

Never injuries are common in many different types of surgery. A nerve is cut by a surgical instrument and is damaged for life. This can happen in many different kinds of surgery. Related nerves can be injured in orthopaedic surgery. A thymectomy can result in vocal cord paralysis. The femoral nerve can be cut during pelvic surgery.

Organ Damage

Organs are often damaged during surgery on adjacent organs. One example is the bladder being lacerated during pelvic surgery.

What to Do if You Have Been Injured by a Negligent Doctor

If your surgery made you worse instead of better, call our Perth lawyers: 1300 738 303.

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