The Importance of Wearing Helmets While Cycling

A bicycle doesn’t appear to represent any danger to its rider. Riding a bicycle is seen by many as a liberating and healthy experience. However, a fall can happen anytime in a split-second. If the rider is not wearing a helmet, they are at serious risk for injury, even from what appears to be a “harmless” fall.

Importance of Wearing Helmets While Cycling

Even while riding in the backyard or around the block, a child or adult rider can sustain a serious or fatal injury. When you fall without a helmet, all of the impact is absorbed by your head or your brain. A quality helmet is designed to absorb much of the impact and protect the rider from harm.

Teach Your Children

It is important to teach your children the importance of riding with a helmet. This can help them develop habits that will stick with them as adults. The best way to instill this habit is to start early. There is nothing like the first time you ride your bike or the first time you can maintain balance without training wheels.

When we first learn to ride a bike, it is debatably more fun and more exciting than it will ever be in our lives. If you can make wearing a helmet part of that positive experience, it will become a part of your child’s routine and happy memories of riding a bike. Merely putting the helmet on will produce a sense of anticipation. This can last well into adulthood for many.

Another tip: be a role model and always wear a helmet yourself. Children always learn more effectively by watching what you do and emulating it. Also, if you can get together with other parents in your neighbourhood, try to encourage all of your child’s friends to wear helmets, too. This will create “peer pressure” in the event that your child does not wear a helmet.

Safety begins in childhood, but it lasts a lifetime.

In Case of an Accident

If you or your child has been injured on a bicycle or been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, call Bradford Legal and tell us about it. Our lawyers can determine whether or not anyone was negligent and responsible for damages for your personal injury, pain, suffering or diminished quality of life. 1300 738 303.

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