Jockeys Face Hurdles in Pursuing Injury Compensation Damage

A number of injuries to jockeys, particularly in race falls, have occurred recently.

Often jockeys suffer very serious injuries. The issues that arise concern the potential liability of (a) other
jockeys in the race (b) trainers and owners; and (c) the relevant turf club.

The condition and the state of the course may be relevant to the accident.

Jockeys Face Hurdles in Pursuing Injury Compensation Damage

In the alternate, another jockey’s inattention or poor riding skills may cause the accident.

Cases have been brought against turf clubs in relation to the safety of railings and equipment.

These are very difficult cases and begin with a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the race fall.

Jockeys may be entitled to workers compensation for their injuries.

Please feel free to contact BRADFORD LEGAL for specific advice on these issues.

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