Pollution and Personal Harm

Pollution of the air, water, or earth by deadly toxic substances which causes injury to the person exposed to these poisons, can have a serious impact on that person, their family and potentially the wider community. Pollution exposure and the injuries it causes is one of the areas of practice of Bradford Legal.

A case involving harm caused by exposure to a dangerous substance is known as a ‘Toxic Tort’. Tim Heard of Bradford Legal. explains further, “ A tort is essentially a civil action for damages arising from harm or a wrong committed by an individual or corporation. We would describe toxic tort as a person being subjected to a toxin by way of pollution that may be transmitted in a variety of ways (eg. water, land, air). In short, people often suffer damage to health or property as a result of exposure to pollution and may have a cause of action against the cause of that pollution whether it be a business, corporation, Local or State Government.”

Download the Full Report here: Pollution and Personal Harm

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