Spate of Motorcycle Deaths and Serious Injuries Highlights Dangers

A recent spate of deaths and serious injuries arising from motorcycle accidents has highlighted the inherent dangers people are exposed to with this mode of transport.

Motorcycles accelerate very quickly to high speed with riders and passengers unprotected in the event of a crash.

Motorcycles comprise only 5% of total registered vehicles in WA, yet riders and their passengers account for 33% of people catastrophically injured.

Motorcycle Deaths and Serious Injuries Highlights Dangers

The Government has continued to look at ways to reduce the high death and injury toll, however, as recent events prove, it is a difficult task.

Often these accidents involve younger persons who are inexperienced in operating high speed motorcycles. Many of the victims are pillion passengers.

At Bradford Legal, we have represented many people injured in motorcycle accidents and continue to do so.

We are aware of the high cost and toll such injuries have on injured motorcycle riders, their family and friends.

If you have any queries or questions in relation to a motorcycle accident please contact Tim Heard or Angus Castley by telephone or email, (08) 9316 2299, or

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