Understanding the Risks of Plastic Surgery

Many people file medical negligence claims after botched plastic surgery. Some of the risks are the result of negligence on the part of the doctor, while some are unavoidable statistical results. Before undergoing plastic surgery, one should be fully aware of the risks.

Understanding the Risks of Plastic Surgery


A haematoma is a localised, abnormal collection of blood, usually clotted. They aren’t life-threatening and they can usually be easily corrected, especially when addressed immediately. They are especially common if the patient has high blood pressure and are the most common complication of a facelift.

However, an untreated haematoma that doesn’t dissolve can become a problem. It can grow worse and exert pressure on the surrounding area, causing inflammation, swelling, numbness and even necrosis. The risk of infection also increases greatly with an untreated hematoma.

Paralysis Due to Nerve Damage

When nerves are cut, stretched or cauterised, it can cause nerve damage. Nerve damage can affect the sensory nerves, leading to numbness or even loss of smell or taste. It can also affect the motor nerves, leading to paralysis.

Delayed Healing

Sometimes, people don’t heal as quickly as projected. Smoking is one risk factor that slows down the healing process. This increases the risk of infection, which can lead to further complications.

Anaesthesia Complications

Most people go in and out of anaesthesia with no ill effects, but some have heart palpitations, blood clots, brain damages, strokes or heart attacks.

Asymmetrical Anomalies

These are often a sign of “botched” plastic surgery. They are places where the muscle or skin has been pulled to a position of asymmetry.

To Claim or Not to Claim

If you think you may have suffered as a result of a plastic surgeon’s negligence, be sure to call Bradford Legal. We specialise in personal injury law in Perth and we have a lot of experience with medical negligence claims.

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