Ways to Reduce the Risk of Injury at Work

Accidents and injuries happen on the job, but there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce the risk of being injured while you are at work. Here are eight things you can do to reduce the likelihood that you will be injured on the job.

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Injury at Work

Know the Hazards

Identify ways that you can be injured on the job. Make sure that you know about any hazards or risks that are part of your job or your workplace.

Reduce Stress

We know this is easier said than done, but when we are under stress, it often undermines our thought processes and makes us more prone to accidents. Common causes of stress are conflicts with bosses or coworkers, insecurity about your job and an overwhelming workload.

Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue can be the result of chronic stress. It can also be the result of long hours, not taking breaks or not getting enough sleep at home. Fatigue can lead to depression and problems with concentration. Get enough sleep and make sure to take breaks.

Don’t Twist or Stoop to Lift Objects

Twisting and stooping while carrying anything is almost a guarantee of back problems at some point in your career. While most injuries come from heavy objects, even a light object can provide leverage with which to injure yourself. Always bend your knees and face forward while lifting anything.

Use Mechanical Aids

If you can put something on wheels, do it. Also, try to use conveniences such as a forklift, conveyor belt or crane whenever possible.

Watch Your Back

In addition to remembering not to twist or stoop when lifting objects, always try to carry any heavy object close to your body, reducing its leverage while increasing yours. Remember to lift with your thigh muscles.

Use Protective Equipment When Provided

Whenever any protective equipment such as earmuffs, earplugs, safety goggles, a hard hat, a mask or gloves are provided, make sure to use them.

Stay Clean and Sober

Don’t drink or use drugs while at work. They are a factor in approximately 3% of workplace fatalities and probably a higher percentage of non-fatal accidents.

Call Bradford Legal

If you are injured on the job, call our Perth lawyers first: (08) 9316 2299. You may be entitled to claim workers’ compensation.

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