How It Works: the Process for Workers’ Compensation Claims

The process for workers’ compensation claims is important to know, because any mistake you make now could cost you later.

The WA Government’s site for workers’ compensation is called RiskCover. The Workers’ Compensation FAQ’s page is a good place to start gathering information. If your injury is small and the compensation is minor, you may be able to use their advice to produce a satisfactory outcome. However, if you have any question that you aren’t being compensated as you should, we advise you to call a workers compensation lawyer immediately.

 Process for Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Process

When you sustain a work-related injury, the first thing you will need to do is talk to your supervisor. They will send you to a doctor, who is required to provide you with a First Medical Certificate. You will be required to complete a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form 2B and submit it, along with your First Medical Certificate, to your employer.

Next, your employer completes a form called the Employer’s Report Form and fills in the employer section of the Workers’ Compensation Claim Form 2B. Your employer is then required to submit both forms to RiskCover within three days of receiving the paperwork from the employee.

The three day limit is crucial. You should always get your forms into your company the same day of the injury if possible. The Government has mandated that RiskCover makes a decision within 17 days of receiving the claim from your employer.

Once they receive the claim, RiskCover goes about the business of determining whether the employer is responsible, using Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 as the main determinant.

If all goes well, you are compensated fairly and promptly.

But what if things don’t go well?

Bradford Legal: Protecting Your Rights

If you feel you aren’t being treated fairly, don’t try “fixing” it on your own. You need an expert to protect your interests. Call our Perth firm on 1300 738 303 to learn more.

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