Airbnb – Where Do I Stand If I Have An Accident

Airbnb is a website that links property owners with rooms, houses, apartments and even caravans to travellers who are in need. Airbnb has grown rapidly over the recent years and travellers have taken advantage of an often cheaper accommodation option.

One downside of this service is that there is no requirement for the owner of the property to insure their property prior to renting out their accommodation to travellers. Another downside is that many strata and tenancy agreements as well as local government laws do not allow for short term holiday letting.

The Insurance Council of Australia has warned users of the renting service Airbnb that they may not be covered for damage and other losses that occur within their property and may not be covered for public liability.

This will certainly be an interesting area of law that will no doubt be explored in the near future as travellers make liability claims against their Airbnb accommodation providers.

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment. If the property owner knew, or should have known, about a dangerous situation on their premises and did not remedy those dangers, they can be held responsible for your injury.

Generally most homes would have insurance policies in place to cover public liability claims.

Should you wish to seek any advice in relation to this aspect or any particular public liability matter, the team at Bradford Legal would be happy to help.

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