What is Causing Car Accidents?

Some may think that being a car accident claim lawyer isn’t a very busy profession, however, the truth is that there are an average of 1.14 motor vehicle accidents every minute in Australia, with 600,000 crashes reported every year. Out of those 600,000 accidents, 200,000 report injuries and 22,000 report serious injuries. The average death toll for motor vehicle accidents in Australia is 1,700.

What is Causing Car Accidents

In light of these statistics, it is helpful to know what causes accidents. Knowing the causes can help you avoid them, especially in the light of one important fact. The most common cause of motor vehicle accidents in Australia is personal negligence on the part of drivers.

The Most Common Accidents

Nose to Tail

Nose to tail accidents are the most common accidents in Australia and can often result in serious injuries such as whiplash. They are caused by tailgating. When a car is tailgating another, it can’t slow down in time if the car ahead stops. Tailgating is responsible for 8.36% of all reported motor vehicle accidents and is the number one cause of the nose to tail accident.

Drinking and Driving

Alcohol is not only a major factor in automobile fatalities, but also in pedestrians who are hit by a motor vehicle and subsequently die. 40% of those crashes that turn out to be fatal involve alcohol as a causal agent. 42% of pedestrians who are killed in accidents are above the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.05.


27% of fatal accidents are caused by unsafe speed.

Texting and Driving

This is a relatively new development, which is a by-product of the mobile device usage explosion. In WA, 32% of fatalities are caused by mobile device usage while behind the wheel.


It is estimated that between 20% and 30% of fatal crashes have driver fatigue as a component.

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