Dangerous Cycling Spots to Avoid in Perth

One of the responsibilities of being an accident injury compensation lawyer is to help cyclists avoid accidents in the first place, such as accidents with motor vehicles and pedestrians. One of the best ways to avoid accidents is to avoid spots that are “accidents waiting to happen.” A group called the Bicycle Transport Alliance has put together a list of “cycling black spots” in the Perth area. Here are a few of the most dangerous.

Dangerous Cycling Spots to Avoid in Perth

Perth: PSP (Principal Shared Path) at City West Train Station

The PSP slopes downward, making for fast riding. Add this to high foot and cycle volume and you have a recipe for trouble. Other PSP’s at train stations report problems, but this one has the most accidents due to volume and severity of slope.

Osborne Park: Hutton Street and Freeway Overpass

This is where the PSP moves from the Western to the Eastern side of the freeway. There aren’t enough traffic lights and the ones that are there don’t help prevent accidents. Both cyclists and pedestrians have to cross multiple lanes of heavy traffic.

PSP Along Kwinana Freeway

The PSP is jammed during rush hour with cyclists and pedestrians on their way to work, but the PSP isn’t wide enough to safely handle them all. Between the Mt Henry Bridge and the Canning Bridge, there are no barriers to separate cyclists and pedestrians from motor vehicle traffic travelling in excess of 100 km/ph on the Kwinana Freeway.

Brentwood: Crawford Avenue Overpass

There is too much traffic in too many directions.

Perth: PSP at Parliament Hill

Another path with heavy foot and bicycle traffic that is too narrow to handle the load.

The PSP Network in General

While the PSP network is designed to help cyclists and pedestrians, one local government agency engineer refers to the network as “more dangerous than any other cycling infrastructure.”

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