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Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Stress Leave

Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Stress Leave?

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If stress from your job is affecting your health, you may be eligible to take a paid Workers’ Compensation Stress Leave. There are many conditions classified as work-related mental stress by Safe Work Australia.

Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Stress Leave

What is Work-Related Mental Stress?

Work-related mental stress is loosely described as any adverse reaction suffered by an employee when the demands of the workplace are beyond the worker’s capabilities or are more than the worker can comfortably manage. Chronic stress has been found to contribute to numerous physical and mental states of disease.

A Workers’ Compensation stress leave can be one of the more expensive Workers’ Compensation claims because it usually involves a long period of claim time or absence from the job. Mental stress is now categorised as any claim where the employee suffered a physical or mental illness due to work-related stress.

Mental stress is subdivided into its causes, such as the following:
Work Pressure: This covers disorders resulting from work responsibilities, deadlines, workloads, workplace promotion or performance issues, interpersonal conflicts or organisational restructure.

Workplace Violence: This includes being a victim of or witness to assault, robbery or other violent events.

Traumatic Event: Suffering or witnessing a traumatic event such as a fatal accident at the workplace.

Suicide: Any suicide or attempted suicide, regardless of outcome or cause.

Harassment and Bullying: This covers harassment for any reason, including sexual and racial, assault, abuse and threats from work colleagues.

Other Factors: This is a catchall category that includes dietary deficiencies and diseases such as bulimia or anorexia.

What You can Do

Sadly, many people in Perth who suffer from work related stress don’t make claims because there is no guarantee that their job will be there when they get back. That shouldn’t stop you. If you believe you are suffering a condition caused by work-related stress, you are entitled to compensation.

It is crucial to your health that you take care of stress-related illness immediately.

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