What To Do After A Car Accident

Not sure what to do after a car accident or car crash?

Being involved in a car accident is emotionally and physically traumatic for the passengers and all drivers involved. If you have been involved in a car accident, stop your car immediately, switch on your emergency flashers or hazard lights and stay clear of future hazards.
There are many things to think about after being injured in a motor vehicle accident, including the exchange of details with other drivers, obtaining medical treatment for injuries sustained, notifying various organisations such as your car insurance provider, emergency services, tow truck companies and roadside assistance, loss of earnings, treatment expenses, if first aid is required, taking note of damage to your car and/or property and vehicle repair costs.

In Australia, it’s illegal to drive a car without compulsory third party (CTP) insurance and there are costly penalties for uninsured drivers, such as fines, suspension of license and in the worst case scenario, jail time.

If you car has sustained serious damage following a motor vehicle accident, you may require the services of a tow truck company. Keep in mind you are not obligated to have your car towed by tow trucks that arrive at the scene of the car accident without being called.

When you exchange details with the other driver involved in the car crash, ensure you get as much contact information as possible, such as contact details, mobile phone numbers, name & contact details of their car insurance company or car insurance provider, license information, registration details and the vehicle information of the other involved cars (hire car/new car, registration number, make, model etc).

Do not admit liability to the other person or to other drivers involved in the vehicle accident until consulting an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer first as this can have future implications if you plan to make a claim for compensation from your car accident.

Pictures of the crash scene can also be helpful, such as the precise location of the crash site, if the car crash is blocking traffic, traffic signs, any tow trucks present, the other vehicles involved and the extent of the damage to your car and the cars of other parties involved.

With all this in mind, the below list of 7 steps to be mindful of following car accidents or a motor vehicle accident will help ensure you get the best result should you decide to make a claim for compensation from your car accident..

1. Report the accident to the police and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (www.icwa.wa.gov.au):

Call the police or report to the nearest police station after the vehicle collision occurs. By reporting the accident to the police and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (as you are required to do by law) you are recording the event and any facts you report will help ICWA investigate negligence and serves to notify them that a crash has occurred. When you report the accident, including information such as the cars involved, vehicle registration number, parties involved, roadside assistance vehicles on site, police attendance and who was at fault will help the ICWA investigation and your claim for compensation following a car accident.

2. See your GP as soon as you can:

Going to a GP as soon as possible may help you mitigate any potential allegations that your injuries are not car accident related and also identify if you have any serious injuries caused by the car accident, such as spinal or head injuries. Identifying any injuries early will help to assist with any car insurance claim you plan to make with your car insurance company after being involved in a car accident.

3. Report all your car accident injuries and symptoms, no matter how small or minor:

It is important that you report all your injuries at soon as possible. It can be a good idea to diarise your injuries daily in the weeks after the car accident in order to keep a clear record of how you are feeling and how treatment/s are progressing. Having a record of this information can assist with your car insurance claim and any claim for compensation you plan to make following a car accident.

4. Continue to see your GP and any other rehab/specialists as recommended:

If you neglect your prescribed medical requirements, there could be allegations made that you have made a full recovery, or that your injuries are not as bad as first thought following a vehicle accident. Both may result in no allowance for medical bills & expenses and a significant reduction in the compensation awarded to you through the claims process.

5. Keep receipts for all injury related expenses:

If your motor vehicle injury claim is accepted by ICWA, any reasonable and necessary car accident injury related expenses and emergency assistance may be reimbursed, however you need to produce receipts to successfully claim these expenses back.

6. Be mindful of secondary injuries developing following the incident:

Your initial motor vehicle accident injuries may be easy to identify, however over time these can trigger secondary injuries which may result in further pain and suffering. It is important that you watch out for any secondary injuries and report them/seek treatment for them if you are making a claim for compensation from your car accident. This includes (and is most commonly) psychological injuries, such as being afraid and unable to drive to work.

7. Notify ICWA of your intention to make a claim:

If the accident is not your fault, you have suffered injuries and as a result of those injuries have incurred expenses for treatment or suffered losses such as loss of income, in order to claim those losses you need to notify the Insurance Commission that you intend to make a claim.

There is a specific form available from the Insurance Commission for this purpose. It is known as a “notice of intention to make claim” form.

It is a requirement of the relevant legislation that the Insurance Commission be notified as soon as practicable after an accident occurs of a person’s intention to make a claim for their injuries.

8. Find a good lawyer to assist you:

The dedicated Perth based motor vehicle accident personal injury lawyers at Bradford Legal can help you from the first step after your car accident when you make a claim to reduce suffering and to achieve the injury compensation you deserve.

Our car accident lawyers will use your initial consultation to understand your car crash compensation claim in detail, explain legal fees, legal costs, car insurance policies and offer legal advice and help whenever you require it. We have great confidence and experience in getting you the injury compensation and result you deserve from your motor vehicle accident compensation claims.

Expert Legal Advice for Car Accidents in Perth, Western Australia

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Perth, reach out to our experienced and local motor vehicle accident lawyer team today.

Our expert car accident lawyers can help guide you through your claim for compensation, from determining which party should admit fault and accept blame, navigating the car insurance policy of the other party involved and legal advice relating to your claim. Our motor vehicle accident team will work with you throughout your entire claim for compensation to get you the result you deserve, no matter your personal needs and financial situation.

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