What You Need to Remember Should You Have an Accident

When you have a motor vehicle accident, it is normal to get flustered. It doesn’t happen to most people every day. For many, it only happens once in their entire life. However, there are some things you should remember to do for your own safety.

Stay Calm and Secure the Vehicle

The more calm you can keep yourself in the aftermath of an accident, the better it will go for you. So, if you are in a crash, take a few deep breaths, try to stay calm and put on your handbrake, turn off the ignition and put on your hazard lights.

See if You are Injured

Check yourself for injuries. Make sure you can move your extremities. If you are in severe pain, stay in the car until help arrives.

See if Your Passengers are Injured

Once you have checked yourself for injury, check your passengers.

Move Your Car and Call the Police

If nobody is injured, it’s safe to move the car where it won’t be a hazard to other drivers. If you can’t move your car, call the police first.

Exchange Details

If you and the other driver are able, exchange details. This includes name, address, licence number, registration number and phone number. If the other driver doesn’t want to share details, get their registration number along with the make, model and colour of the car and call the police.

Talk to Witnesses

If there are witnesses, get their names and phone numbers.

Take Pictures

If you have a smartphone, use it to take some pictures. They may help your cause later.

Call Your Insurance Company

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you can.

Call a Car Tower

Get your car repaired or towed away ASAP.


Try to alleviate your stress by relaxing after an accident. If you are injured, get medical help for major injuries (such as a whiplash injury) or have friends and family help with minor injuries.

File Your Claim

File your claim with your insurance company. Get it done while the details are still fresh in your mind.

Call Bradford Legal

Call motor vehicle injury claim lawyers and let us know what happened. We can ensure that you get every dollar to which you are entitled. 1300 738 303.

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