What Is My Claim Worth / How Much Will I Get?

At some stage during the course of a claim we will always be asked this question.

The amount you will receive is based on the nature and severity of your injuries and the consequences those injuries may have in relation to your day to day life.

Every claim is different. In general, however, some of the amounts that might be awarded to you include:

a. Pain and suffering (general damages).

b. An allowance for past and future loss of earnings.

c. Loss of superannuation.

d. Future medical expenses.

e. An allowance for home assistance or care.

In all cases these various categories add up to one single lump sum which is awarded to you by the court or paid after a settlement.

As our client, you are entitled to an opinion in relation to the value of your claim once the evidence is finalised.

Please feel free to contact Bradford Legal personal injury lawyers for specific advice on these issues or for help with public liability claims, workers compensation claims or motor vehicle accident claims.

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