Medical Negligence – What Is The Cost Of Caring?

Bradford Legal has taken particular interest in the recent parliamentary enquiry into the rate of suicides in the paramedic industry.

Paramedics are at the forefront of responding to critical and often horrific accidents where people suffer very serious injuries. Seeing these types of accidents on a regular basis would undoubtedly have a significant long term impact on these health professionals. Similar comments could be made for other health professionals who are at the forefront of traumatic medical treatment such as emergency department physicians, nurses, oncology specialists and many other health professionals.

“Compassion Fatigue” has been used to describe the combination of physical, emotional and spiritual impact that is associated with caring for people in significant emotional pain and physical distress. This impact can quite often lead to more significant injuries which relate to stress conditions and depression.

The difficulty is that people who experience these symptoms do not have an appropriate outlet. Untreated or prolonged exposure to these aspects can lead to significant psychiatric or psychological injuries.

It will be interesting to see how the recent enquiries assist these health professionals in the course of their profession.

Any health professional who is showing signs of compassion fatigue we suggest that you speak immediately with professional supervisors and/or medical staff who would readily available to provide treatment and to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Contact the expert medical negligence lawyers at Bradford Legal to find out more.

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