WA Workers Compensation Claims Explained

What is Workers Compensation, Exactly?

Workers’ compensation is a compulsory statutory form of insurance that protects workers in case of a work-related injury or when a worker sustains an injury at work. Workers compensation insurance covers all workers; full time, part time, commission workers, casual or workers employed under a verbal or written contract of service. Depending on their working arrangements, working directors, contractors and sub-contractors may also be defined as workers.

Should you suffer an injury at work, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance may provide you with compensation in the form of monetary benefits ongoing wages to cover loss of earning capacity, medical expense payment or reimbursement if medical treatment is required and/or rehabilitation assistance to support management of your injury and return to work. If you believe your work related injury or illness was a result of your employer’s negligence, you may be entitled to a common law claim.

The more you know about the process of making a claim for workers’ compensation, the more likely you are to receive the compensation to which you are legally entitled. It is in the insurance companies’ best interest to pay you the smallest amount possible, if at all, so to guarantee the best result possible we recommend that you engage a workers’ compensation lawyer to represent your interests when you make a workers compensation claim in Western Australia.

The experienced and dedicated team of workers compensation lawyers at Bradford Legal will help you receive a fair amount based on the treatment required, medical expenses, days required off work due to the injury, lost wages and whether you have been left with a permanent impairment. Our team will help you maximise your compensation outcome when you claim workers compensation.

To find out more about your rights and entitlements within the workers compensation and injury management scheme in Western Australia after sustaining an accident or injury at work, contact the experienced workers compensation and personal injury lawyers at Bradford Legal.

What Happens Once My Workers Compensation Claim Is Made?

Once your workers compensation claim form has been submitted, your employer has 5 working days to forward the claim form to their workers compensation insurance company. The insurance company then has 14 days to notify you of the disposition of your workers compensation claim. They can either accept the claim, deny the claim, or advise they need more information in order to make a decision (‘pend’ the claim).

If they deny your claim, they must tell you why. If it gets this far and you have not yet contacted a lawyer specialising in workers compensation, we highly recommend you contact one immediately. Bradford Legal’s highly experienced and leading workers compensation lawyers can represent you in any dispute that may arise with respect to your workers compensation claim.

An insurer may place your claim on hold pending more information and if so, they are legally obliged to tell you why. If they do not provide this and you have not heard anything within 10 days, you should call a lawyer immediately to assist you.

If they accept your claim, you will be legally obligated to adhere to a list of demands and it is highly advisable to consult a lawyer to interpret these for you to ensure compliance.

Why Do I Need A Workers Compensation Lawyer to Assist Me?

Workers Compensation claims can be difficult to understand and daunting for employees who may be unsure where to start, or if they will be fairly treated upon return to work by their employer.

Our Perth based, award-winning workers compensation specialists at Bradford Legal can help provide the necessary legal advice and information when you make a claim, including dealing with Workcover WA. Workcover WA are the government agency responsible for managing the workers compensation and injury management scheme in Western Australia. Workcover WA also provide education regarding injury management and workers compensation.

Our workers compensation claim team can also help you in getting the right treatment and compensation to cover rehabilitation expenses and medical expenses, such as a medical examination or consulting with a medical practitioner, associated with your work-related injury.

Contact us here to book an obligation free meeting with our experienced team and get the compensation you deserve if you have been injured at work in Western Australia.

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